Monday, November 21, 2011

How much proof do you need? 'Cuz we've got plenty...

Watch this NON-GRAPHIC clip and listen to her beg the state for help. Then ask yourself, "Who is telling North Dakotans the truth?"


  1. Oil/gas companies plan more fracking! Gas has been detected in every county in ND (except Sioux county where testing has not been done ~ due perhaps to the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe lawsuit against PG&E?) PG&E is the gas company made infamous by the 2000 movie "Erin Brockovich" for poisoning the water supply with the known carcinogen hexavalent chromium [chromium 6].

  2. I have to wonder, the Bakken Watch says they want to help North Dakotans who are suffering because they care. Kris was recently cited as saying that the financial devastation that would be caused by a ban on fracking isn't as bad as the outcome she foresees if fracking continues.

    So what is Bakken Watch going to do with the thousands of unemployed North Dakotans who will suffer exponentially if fracking is banned completely? Or do you only care about North Dakotans that fit into your agenda? You may not be seeking money, but that doesn't mean you have just as much of an agenda as the people you're fighting against.

    Personally, I think it's completely reasonable that the landowner get the ND Dept. of Health to test her air. Maybe there should be some restrictions set in place to prevent wells from going up in areas to close to residences. I absolutely think that they should be capping the number of wells that are allowed to be drilled each year. They're handing out permits like candy and it's making Williston and surrounding areas not only a miserable place to live, but a terrifying place to live as well.

    BUT we have to meet in the middle. Asking them to completely ban fracking in the entire state is going to have a massive negative effect on the citizens of North Dakota. I don't think it's necessary and I truly believe some middle ground could be found.

    Unfortunately, the idea of finding a middle ground and compromising seems to have become novel concept in this entire country.

    And PS - I'm not afraid to post who I am. :) No anonymous comments from me.

  3. Bakken Watch exists as a platform for those who've been effected by fracking to tell their stories. And we have stories arriving daily--complete w/ video footage, photos, emails, etc. A BW volunteer visits these places before posting the footage to attempt to verify the claims as best we can. For those of us w/ our eyes open, we see the devastation. It should be up to the State, not an all volunteer grassroots organization, to help people who lose jobs if fracking is found to be dangerous. The State should have thought of that before handing out permits "like candy." It is not the responsibility of Bakken Watch to fix every problem that arises from fracking. The first step is to allow people to tell the other side of the story, which is seldom heard. And for the record, Bakken Watch has not called for any ban. We call for full disclosure and for help when people are suffering. If asking for these simple things is an "agenda," then fine: Our agenda is to seek the truth and demand the truth from our state officials. We are suspicious of those who have a problem with that.

  4. Middle ground would be find a way to frack. WITHOUT harmful chemicals.

  5. Ireprehensible. Corporate greed and political corruption in action. They have everyone distracted with the gun law debates so they can continue to rape the land and kill our citizens. There ought to be a law...oh ...right there was one but Dick Chaney removed it so "the Compamy" could prosper at our expense. Hey drink that falming water!!